City Guide: Munich

This guide aims to help anyone thinking about being Location Independent in Munich, Germany. Accommodation Subletting rooms in Germany is almost second nature. Many Germans who go travelling rent out their space to cover costs. You become what is known as a Zwischenmieter, which basically translates to an "in more ...

February 02, 2012

City #2: Barcelona, Spain

I've decided on my next city: Barcelona! For a moment there I was also considering Berlin and Amsterdam, but the current -10c temperatures across much of Europe made me look further south. Barcelona provides the perfect mix of Winter sun, sea air and medium prices. It's not as cheap as Berlin unfortunately bu more ...

February 05, 2012

Getting a SIM Card in Germany

Buying a SIM card from a big operator can be nothing short of a bureaucratic nightmare. They want to know where you live, your passport number and driving license. If the service is bad, as it was for me at o2, then they take you to 3 separate cash registers for just to pay and register. What's on offer: You' more ...

January 01, 2012

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